Access to accurate and timely information is a valuable commodity particularly in today’s dynamic business environment. Being always aware of your cash position is a must for growing enterprises. Baker Tilly Macao offers accounting services covering bookkeeping, cash flow and financial report compilation. Not having to worry about maintaining proper books and records allows you to focus upon growing the business.

Our accounting staff bring with them industry experience and sophisticated software. We will work out a reporting timeline with you, and ensure that the accounts and reports we produce adhere to your schedule."

The benefits Baker Tilly can deliver to your business:

  • Timely and reliable reports that are compliant with relevant regulations
  • Customised solutions that bring cost efficiencies in finance
  • Projected cash flows to identify any future shortfalls
  • Peace of mind knowing your financial statements are in good order for discussion with existing and potential investors and stakeholders.

Our services areas:

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of accounts
  • Management accounting
  • Financial report compilation.



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