Build your career with us

Build your career with us

Our Culture

Our staff surveys consistently show that over 70% of our staff are happy working here at Baker Tilly Macao. That is not good enough and we are constantly looking for ways to improve that number. However we would not have come this far in the absence of our positive corporate culture.

Our Environment

At Baker Tilly Macao we cultivate an environment of respect, support, and genuine care for each other, with a collaborative culture to which you will readily adapt, whilst retaining the highest standards of performance and integrity.

Language and Diversity

Baker Tilly Macao thrives on diversity in the workplace, and we acknowledge that our success results from the experience and skills of talented people from diverse backgrounds. To enhance teamwork and effective communication, we have embraced an open plan office, and encourage language training.


We conduct regular training in a specially designated area of the office using both internal and external trainers. Study leave schemes and allowances for certain external training programmes are also in place.

Maintaining that Work-Life Balance

It is not all work at Baker Tilly. We organise a number of social events throughout the year. Significant effort is expended promoting personal well-being, and encouraging involvement in community and professional activities.

Open Communications

Transparency is highly valued in the firm. Through various channels, you can voice your ideas, suggestions, and concerns directly to management. Our executive team is committed to employee wellbeing and is always willing to listen.